Wednesday, May 4, 2011

wednesday words.

its been a while.

Friends. Summer is thankfully fast approaching. Then I will blog more. 
But for now, these lovelies are what have been inspiring me lately.

I cant wait till finals are over and I can daydream more.  I am currently making a summer to do list that includes blogging more often. I am spending the break in Arkansas this year so I am sure my list will look a lot different than my usual city life one. Hitting up starbucks and new resturants will be replaced with spending more time outside and being on the lake at my dads. I am okay witht that=)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

I just saw these pictures of this gypsy wagon on THIS flicker page. They just about killed me. I want this! I could live in this wagon for forever and be SO heart is happy...(drama.)

so so pretty.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

wednesday words.

“We are all travellers in the wilderness of the world, and the best that we can find in our travels is an honest friend” – Robert Louis

I am still on a "got to spend time with the coolest girls ever who happen to be my best friends" high.

spring fling.

hellooo spring break. PRAISE! This week my mind has been full of crafts I want to try, friends I want to love on, and books I want to finish that I usually cant even touch. Note, how none of those things are theology papers, Hebrew homework, or meetings that need attending. I'M FREE! Too bad its only for a week.
So here is whats up.
What I have been reading:
I am seeing what all the fuss about..still trying to figure out exactly where he stands. This is one I need to digest for a bit. Oh drama.

Rob Bell Love Wins.

What I have been listening to..

Ever since we saw these cuties at SXSW last weekend I cant stop listening..or dancing to Kopecky Family Band

What I have been working on..
I cant show u exactly what it is that I have been making because I think the only people who read this blog might just be the people who are relieving these little gifts.. so just forget you saw this =) But these are the things that have been inspiring me.


I am making a similar version of THIS for the residence in my dorm. Me and Momma Sarah have been wanting to do some sort of inspiration board for the dorm, I think this one is a great idea.I will let you know how ours turns out.

P.S my mom threw my the most beautiful 21st birthday party. I cant wait to show you the pictures so you can see how crafty she is.
Shalom, Amanda.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

the best.

In 5 days I get to spend my 21st birthday in Austin with my best friends. I get to brag here..I seriously do have the best friends and I have been beyond blessed by them over the last years. These girls and I all left home and went away to different schools but have stayed super super close!They are all beautiful, smart and so so funny! I am the luckiest girl in the world. We are heading down to Austin on friday and are spending the weekend going to shows, eating great food, laughing a lot..and that whole turning 21 thing =) I am so excited!Thank you Jesus for these girls!!

ps. we get to see Hanson at 1am on my birthday.I will have to trick them to accompany me to this show. Think what you want..but I still love these brothers

Friday, March 4, 2011

hello march!

With all the comotion in my life the last fews days I almost forgot that it is now March=) i love march for lots and lots of reasons(a big one being its my birth month.)
Family life has been really crazy.Blog searching is very therapeutic for me. So thats what I have been doing the past hour. Wanna see what i found?

I am in love with Kelli Murray's blog and art. If I wasn't a broke college student, I would be purchasing one..probably this one..
I saw this the other day, and for some reason wanted it SO BAD. Its Katy Perrys OPI line. This one is Teenage Dream.(ps.I think my mom secretly loves her, she often slips how much she likes her songs into convos) I am not sure when I started loving the color pink so much, but i do, and I'm dealing with it.. Anyway, my mom sent me thins in a package today. YAA!
This blog. Man oh man, I would love to have this life one day!

My favorite dress from last weeks Oscars..seriously this color is so prettyyyyy
I have seen this multiple times lately on different blogs..i want it!!! I wonder how realistic it would be to build this in my backyard one day..when I have a backyard.
And if I could have this dress from Free People for my birthday I would be a happy girl..

oh, but wait I got flowers from a sweet boy today,so maybe I already am a happy girl=)

 Shalom ♥ Amanda